KDR TV, Year One

I WAS scrolling through my Youtube recommendations list about 3 months ago when I came across an interesting channel. The host looked familiar, but I never expected him to have his own space on the said platform. I was baffled at first. In a world clad with Youtubers and self-proclaimed ‘Influencers,’ Kuya Daniel Razon has decided to launch “KDR TV.”

I’ve always known Kuya Daniel as a prominent news anchor and tv host. He’s the mind behind Wish 107.5 and chief executive officer (CEO) of BMPI-UNTV. His integrity is impeccable. In 2017, he was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in the 25th Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Golden Dove Awards. But why did he decide to be part of Youtube? For what purpose?

After watching all his uploaded videos, the answer came to me: He wants to share his thoughts, passion, and perspective while conversing to a wider audience. Yes, it’s a conversation because he reiterates every time that he also seeks what others have to say.

As of today, KDR TV raked in about two hundred thousand views on Youtube. It’s currently backed by more than twenty thousand subscribers. The specific themes it covers include fitness, technology, and reflections on life and love.

It’s been an exciting experience for me so far as one of the channel’s subscribers. And so, to prove this point, here’s KDR TV’s “Best Five” for 2019:

First impression on the Foldable Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

When Samsung Galaxy Fold was first introduced during the first quarter of 2019 and failed to meet the expectations of some tech reviewers around the globe with its problematic plastic screen, it went into a hiatus. The controversy was unlike anything I’ve heard before.

But months later, on September 27, 2019, it was officially released. Samsung made some key adjustments. The product recaptured the imagination of the market with its supremely cool form factor, next level gaming capabilities, enormous battery, and improved nonremovable plastic screen. There was an insurmountable hype. And Kuya Daniel got a hold of one of its commercial units.

With his first tech review, Kuya cited his first impressions of the product. A striking feature of the innovative design of the phone is its articulated spine, or the hinge. The hinge allows the phone to close and open like a book. Its screen size when unfolded boasts at 7.3 inches which is perfect for watching videos on Youtube and Facebook. Because of its enormous overall size, the convenience that a user can experience when typing text or chat messages is commendable. When the phone’s folded, one can still call someone with ease. Naturally, it has its downsides according to Kuya.

Unlike other phones, the Galaxy Fold is so fragile; it’s supposed to be handled with great care. Any seasoned device or gadget user can sense by merely holding a product whether or not it can operate solidly in raucous usage environments such as continuous vibrations, harsh temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. In Kuya’s analysis, the Galaxy Fold can’t be exposed to dusty environments because of the possibility of particles getting into the hinge area which may produce annoying, creaking sound while being folded. In the long run, the accumulation of dirt and dust can damage the phone.

It’s an honest review. The price is divulged at the end of the video which is about $2,000.00 or Php 100,000.00. It’s equivalent to two Apple Macbook Airs!

So, will you buy one?

A day in a life of a CEO: Kuya Daniel Razon

Who never dreamt of being the Chief Executive Officer of a company someday? I did, and this vlog is a revelation.

As mentioned in the first part of this piece, Kuya Daniel is the CEO of BMPI-UNTV – one of the registered and recognized local television channels in the Philippines. But how does a CEO of a growing media entity spend his day?

Typically, Kuya’s engagements include hosting a morning show, conducting meetings with department supervisors, attending voice-over recordings, and giving instructions to some members of the organization. In his willingness to guide his colleagues on their concerns beyond their jobs, he makes it a point that he’s also available for those valuable occasions. He spends time to check on how they are doing and understand their situations.

In the video, Kuya subtly reminds his viewers to do good things whenever they have a chance. In handling work, he emphasizes that if you really love what you’re doing, you’ll persevere; you won’t quit easily. Passion in achieving a goal should be present. And if ever there are things that you must do that are not written in your job description, you should see yourself as a learner. That your actions to grow as a person shouldn’t be fueled and defined by money alone.

KDR Says: Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

Yes, love. The language of the universe. The mothership. The real deal.

There are those who proclaim that KathNiel still has it while JaDine’s version of it has already expired. But why does the person we like doesn’t like us back?

It’s natural for a person to admire another person. We’re designed to feel a special, alluring type of attraction towards someone. We fall in love on different ways. We can’t fathom its fullness. But what Kuya articulated in this vlog is worth pondering: “Things should come to you naturally; do not pretend to be somebody you are not.”

The first point that Kuya raised is that we should be as real as we can possibly be when we meet someone. If you’re fond of the arts and music – show it; if you’re into fitness – embrace it; if you’re sweet, jolly, and caring – express it. You shouldn’t do something because somebody you like likes it. Do it because it’s good and beautiful and pure. Don’t live on the expectations of someone you like. Strive to be a better person on how you deal with others.

The second one? We can’t control the emotions of other people. Sometimes, in our objective of getting someone’s attention, we change ourselves to the extreme that we could no longer apprehend the person we have become. It’s not sustainable.

Because unrequited love doesn’t dictate who we are as a person. The governing principle in life is not for someone you like to like you back. If in the process of improving yourself you meet someone who appreciates you, then cling to it. Never let go. Stay sincere.

Benefits of daily 25 push-ups by Kuya Daniel Razon

Indubitably, daily exercise is good for the health. Science supports it. Substantial studies have been made about it. So, do it. Now. 25 push-ups for the soul and body!

True Love na ba ito? KDR Says

Again, love.

This must be the most striking vlog for me by KDR TV for 2019 because of the new insights I obtained.

In this vlog, Kuya said: “It’s love if you still like the person over time.” Time reveals a man’s character, and it goes the same way to the one we truly love. But when can we say if the love is true? Here are the following steps he shared:

  • Conduct some research or investigation on the person.

No, he doesn’t ask us to hire an investigator to observe the person we’re fond of 24/7. We must do it by ourselves. But how? Instead of directly scrutinizing the person to know what their ideals, thought process, or values are, we can ask those who are close to them. We can formulate questions about the person and indirectly inquire these to their friends, family members, or peers. As we go through this process, we’ll be more equipped. We must learn how to listen. Our interactions with the person and those around them can reveal salient details we’ve never imagined before. We just have to be patient.

  • Put yourself to the test as well.

Do you exclusively love the person? Is there still a niggling fact that you’re juggling two names in your heart? Do you like the person because of a special trait that they possess? Is it because they’re good in singing? In dancing? In playing the guitars? We have to test ourselves as well. As what Kuya Daniel uttered: ”Kasi yung ‘mahal’, nand’yan man yung hinangaan mo dati sa kanya and then later on nawala, yung pagmamahal natitira ‘yon. Nandodo’n pa rin. Nararamdaman mo pa rin.”

Because in the end, we can’t romantically love two people at the same time. To do so is against sanity.

We fall in love with one.