Your curiosity brought you here. Let me address that.

I am Benre J. Zenarosa. I am a Filipino. I am a millennial.

I write because there are voices that knock on my head that are longing to find their home.

I have great fascination to the constellations of words, letters and punctuation marks; on how they can convey a message; on how they can make you smile, or laugh or bring you to the sea of sadness in your dreams.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. The challenge is to understand what’s worth writing about.

I am a book hoarder. I own hundreds of books of different genres.

I like the smell of a library. More so, the smell of an old book in an old library in an old city.

I want to help preserve the natural wonders of my country for I believe that it is its second most valuable asset next to its warm, hardworking, and loving citizens. I believe that not throwing your garbage in a corner of a street that says “BAWAL MAGTAPON NG BASURA DITO, MAY NAMATAY NA!” (“DON’T THROW YOUR GARBAGE HERE, SOMEONE HAS DIED!”) is a good start.

I like taking photographs of kids whenever I travel. Their smiles are pure and some of them have clear intent of selling handcrafted souvenirs. They will tell you this with pride.

I was a jaywalker in college.

With conviction, I believe that Baguio’s sweet strawberry silken tofu is mind-blowing especially if you share it with your loved ones.

I am the recipient of the Lasallian Scholarum Award 2016: Outstanding Published Column Article on Youth and Education in a Nationally Circulated Publication. I was a two-time TUP System Extemporaneous Speech (English) and Impromptu Speech (Filipino) contest winner, Gray Hawk Leadership Award nominee, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (T.O.S.P.) Foundation student representative and officer/president/chairman of five (local and national) organizations in college.

My work has appeared in Thought CatalogRappler, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I believe that Filipinos are remarkable people. We are entitled to be treated fairly. We deserve faster internet connection, better MRT/LRT and transportation services, and a more honest and humble government that will make the decisions for our welfare. Integrity is a must.

I have become more patient of jeepney drivers who make sure that all of the seats are filled before we leave the “NO LOADING/UNLOADING AREA.” “They have a family to feed” has been my second most favorite morning motto. And then, I would feel better. Not filling the gas tank before letting the passengers take their seats is another story.

I want to visit the museums and art galleries of my country and those outside its territory. It excites me whenever I see a work of art, a historic relic. They can help you travel in time and ask yourself how the artists perceived their world. They are some of the forgotten treasures of my generation because we’re too busy capturing everything in a snap, in a swipe of the finger with our 5″ or 6″ AMOLED HD displays. We should experience them, we should touch them – their unfamiliar, distinct textures.

I believe that knowing the essence of one’s existence is the first question that every man should be able to answer. One should not stop if the answer is still a puzzle. Acting into the purpose is the next important thing. Doing otherwise is a waste of life.

I believe that knowing that we are going to die one day is a powerful tool for us to be braver. That we are already naked; there is nothing to lose. Steve Jobs said it better.

I like it when it’s raining or when the sun is being consumed by the horizon. You just stare at it… at it…

May you find, in one way or another, the comfort of home in these constellations written on trains, during break at work, in a park, under a waiting shed with a big hole in its roof, in one corner of my room beside my favorite pillow, or next to someone who believes in fate, moments, and continues to search for traces of mountain lions.

And now that you know that I hoard books, can I borrow one?



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