22. You saw her

And for a moment, everything made sense.

3. Bubble wrap

“There’s a sense of relief whenever we puncture air out of each bubble with our thumbs.”

WHEN IT comes to some of the simplest yet satisfying experiences, squishing and bursting and popping of bubble wraps will always be at the top section of the list. For every delivery and purchase with a box, free bubble wraps will always be present. We silently look forward to that regularly spaced, pliable transparent plastic with protruding air-filled hemispheres as part of the package. There’s a sense of relief whenever we puncture air out of each bubble with our thumbs. It’s a superior alternate to stress balls and way safer than throwing plates, appliances, or cellphones on a concrete wall. It’s so compelling that we want to hear the enticing sound up to the last bubble. Bubbly wrap yourself up!

2. You won in a raffle

“And the winner is… (your name).”

BE IT a washing machine, a rice cooker, a Starbucks gift certificate, a bunch of cash, or an SUV, nothing beats the feeling of being a winner. Yes, a winner in a raffle draw that you did not even think about when you attended a party, a TEDx talk, or dragged yourself in a meeting, a conference, or a company event. Everyone stared and cheered for you as if you’re a gladiator who just triumphed over a pack of beasts at the Colosseum. Your heart beat faster and faster. The room erupted with joy. You solemnly followed the rules and voilà! “And the winner is… (your name).” Congratulations!

1. You woke up today

“And leave all the heavy baggage from yesterday to move forward.”

WHAT’S MORE fascinating than that? Isn’t it awesome to realize that you have another chance to make things right, to reconnect and build ties, to laugh and smile and greet the security guard who’s been up all night to secure your workplace?

Declare that today, you’ll do better. Pronounce that you’ll own this day and treat it as if it’s your last. Forget about your shortcomings and failures in the past. Restart. Recharge. And leave all the heavy baggage from yesterday to move forward.

You woke up today and that means you have another opportunity to enjoy life and appreciate everything. Yes, even the little things.